Referenten (18.-19.09.2012)

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Jan L. Plass

The Effect of Learning Mechanics Design on Learning Outcomes in a Computer-Based Geometry Game

A computer-based geometry game was adapted to allow for play using a conceptual rule or an arithmetic problem-solving mechanic. Participants (n = 91) from an urban middle school were randomly assigned to experimental conditions. Results suggest that play in the number condition was more situationally interesting than play in the rule condition. Participants in the rule condition were found to perform better in the game than those in the number condition. Learning outcome results suggest that in the number condition, but not the rule condition, playing more levels in the game diminishes the gain from pretest to posttest. For the design of games for learning, results highlight the importance of choosing a game mechanic that reflects the intended learning outcomes.

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Jan L. Plass, Ph.D., is the Paulette Goddard Professor of Digital Media and Learning Sciences in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at New York University, where he co-directs the Games for Learning Institute. He is the founding director of the CREATE Consortium for Research and Evaluation of Advanced Technology in Education. His research is at the intersection of cognitive science, learning sciences, and design, and seeks to enhance the design of interactive visual environments. His current focus is on cognitive and emotional aspects of information design and interaction design of simulations and educational games for math and science education.


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