Call for Participation

Topics include, but are not limited to:


Theory & Technology:
Scientific methods and concepts for

  • cost-effective production (authoring tools, support for non-programmers; e-learning platform and tools, animation techniques; game engines, middleware)
  • game design and development (game engines, game physics, game rendering and animation, virtual characters)
  • game technology (browser games, (Massive) Multiplayer Online Games, mobile games, console games)
  • personalization and adaptation (player, gamer, context models, presentation and gameplay, planning and AI)
  • collaborative learning and training environments (multiplayer serious games, game mastering, games and social networks, collaboration, competition)
  • narration and (interactive, digital) storytelling
  • interfaces and sensor technology (game consoles and interfaces, vital sensors and parameters; augmented reality, mixed reality in mobile education/training scenarios, location-based and ubiquitous technology; non-visual senses: smelling, touching, hearing)
  • evaluation studies (evaluation methodologies, models and metrics, evaluation tools, effectiveness, efficiency)



    • business models and market studies for/of Serious Games and Edutainment applications
    • grand challenges and obstacles for game developers and publishers


    Best-Practice & Application Domains:

    • field reports, demonstrations and evaluation studies of Serious Games...
      • for prevention, rehabilitation and therapy
      • as well as any form of learning and knowledge transfer ranging from games for the kindergarten to games at school and
      • university or professional training and learning environments for individuals or groups
    • research prototypes and commercial games ‘more than fun’
    • as well as edutainment applications in the fields of
      • education and remote classrooms,
      • educational robots and toys,
      • digital museum and cultural heritage,
      • simulation and training


    Submission Deadlines: see dates at side column or on this page.



    • Full papers: 8 - 12 pages
    • Short and demonstration papers: 4-6 pages
    • Poster presentations: 2-3 pages
    • Workshop proposals: 1-2 pages (title, abstract, organizer, length: 2hours/half/full day)


    Format and Template:


    All papers will be reviewed by a Scientific Committee (at least three reviews per submission)

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